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Friday, June 1, 2012

Candles in the Trees

Regular readers may remember that I'm not a fan of Scotch Pine. I just think they look coarse and stupid until they get to be several decades old (at which time they learn how to dance).

But, at this time of year, they become perfect Christmas tree with natural candles for decorations.

scotch pine new growth

Huh? Don't worry, they aren't about to burst into flame. This is just the new growth for the year just before the needles lengthen and darken!

scotch pine new growth

The dancing? See Choirs of Trees

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Ann said...

I guess this makes them Christmas trees in training :)

john bain said...

I agree. They don't even look like Scotch pines until they are old and gnarled. I love the character in them then.
Whoops how can a tree not look like what it is? You get my meaning.

Ratty said...

That's pretty good. It really does look like candles.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- Ha! The CTIT unit at camp.

John- I get you completely.

Ratty- They seem to grow straight up more than some species.

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