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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bird and Beast

Today I did assignments in the pouring rain. Actually, I managed to get a few done before the rain started, so it could have been worse. Well, it's hard to get worse than soaked and cold, but I could have been wet longer.

The bird picture is from yesterday, but I had to call in my bird guy, Dave, for an ID. I'm not the world's best birder. Not even close! Anyway, this is a hermit thrush, Catharus guttatus. The only part I got right was that it has a white eye-ring. That narrows the choices. I didn't even consider the picture in the bird book because the breast and even sides are spotted in the book. But Dave says the spots probably are washed out in the light, or the band of spots is more on the front on this bird. He says the thing to look at is the eye ring, overall brown color and the very reddish tail (seen in the second picture). And the pink legs. So, I may or may not recognize this bird if I see it again. Thrushes are secretive, and not seen too often by people who don't hold still much (me).

hermit thrush

hermit thrush

Today, before the rain began, I encountered these very friendly cuties at a home. Don't know what breed of goat they are. They wanted to be petted, and they wanted treats. I could only supply the first.



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Anonymous said...

These are some neat animal pictures. Rain is beautiful, but not when it makes you cold and damp all day.

Ivy said...

Ooh, those goats are cute. If I ever get to homestead, I'll definitely get some. Midge and Cameron can take care of them and pretend they're Heidi and Peter, lol.

Secondary Roads said...

I spent the day inside. Mostly recovering from the activities of the previous day. Besides, I don't want to trim shrubs in the rain.

vanilla said...

I am terrible at identification of birds, even with field guide in hand.

How could one resist giving pets to those beasties?

Ann said...

A day spent cold and wet does not sound like a fun one. Love the last picture of the goats. It looks like they are discussing why the human with the camera had no treats for them...lol

Sharkbytes said...

MJ- I've dried out... it's always an adventure.

Ivy- They would be perfect with kids (the human kind)

Chuck- trimming shrubs in the rain sounds like a formula for getting wet even faster.

vanilla- definitely the friendliest goats I've ever seen

Ann- they seemed so loving to each other.

RNSANE said...

Ah,such cute goats. A young ( college senior ) friend took me to his family home outside Jaipur and we passed a herd of goats. I, of course, had to get out and take photos. The goat herder was most obliging and the goats were all friendly. In the midst of them, I was afraid they were going to munch on my clothes!

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