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Monday, April 29, 2013

Vocabulary Day- April 2013

vocabulary day
Several new words this month. One of them I was surprised I didn't know! Hopefully Chuck will feel up to some daffynitions, or you can try some. Maybe you already know the words! These are words that are either brand new to me or rediscovered (my personal rule is that if I can't define it, I have to look it up).

Best book read this month is This Body of Death, an intricate mystery by P.D. James. I'm trying to read Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald, but I run out of patience with books that cover every nuance of everyone emotions in detail.

Multiple choice:

1. patera
a. soft-spoken dialect
b. a saucer-like dish
c. a type of knitting
d. the aged finish on metal

2. subreptious
a. under the skin
b. misrepresentation
c. underlying cause of a wound
d. beneath contempt

3. dan
a. a college professor
b. an animal's home
c. a level of proficiency in martial arts
d. the senior member of a group

4. tumbril
a. a tambourine
b. an embroidery hoop
c. a roll top- as on a desk
d. a two-wheeled cart

5. latilla
a. peeled twigs
b. lace
c. a tic
d. a small rabbit

6. trastero
a. a marketplace
b. a pale limestone resembling marble
c. a stretcher for drying laundry
d. a sideboard

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Ratty said...

I've never heard of any of these words before, but it's fun learning about them. The closest thing I have is that I used to know of a pro wrestler named Ken Patera.

Ann said...

I'm with Ratty, I don't know any of these words either.

Secondary Roads said...

The last two words are Spanish, so I knew those. Dan is my neighbor, but my younger son is into martial arts so I know the meaning of that word too. I'm sending the requested daffynitions my e-mail.
-- Chuck

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