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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NCT End-to-Enders

I am working on a program for this coming weekend, and came across another picture of me with one of the other end-to-end hikers of the North Country Trail. There are nine of us, and eight are still alive. Sadly I never even met the first one who walked it all. He had died before I even found the trail. I've met six of the other eight, but don't have pictures with two of them. I was barely a wannabe when I met those two.

I now have pictures of me with these:

Andy Skurka, hiked NCT 2004-2005

Joan Young and Andrew Skurka

Bart Smith, hiked NCT 2005-2007

Joan Young and Bart Smith

Nimblewill Nomad, hiked NCT 2009 (Oh yes, Senator Carl Levin just happens to be with us!)

Joan Young and Nimblewill Nomad

Don Beattie, hiked NCT 1980-2005

Joan Young and Don Beattie

I'll need to get pix of me with the others that we can still find. A group picture would be awesome, but I doubt that will happen.

See The Party's Over, But It's OK for my final miles of my hike
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vanilla said...

Indeed a very special select group!

Secondary Roads said...

You are among the ranks of an elite few. Hope your program goes well.

Ann said...

The few, the proud, the end to enders :) It would be nice to have a shot of all of you together.

RNSANE said...

You are definitely a very select group. Ambitious folk, all of you.

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