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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Stone Silo

I am going to work on a series of different kinds of silos. This one is actually really unusual, being made of field stone. It's no longer in use. You can tell because it has no top. It's still connected to a nice ogee roof barn.

stone silo

Someone was very careful to match the sizes of the stones in each round of the laying of the silo. There are narrow bands and wide bands.

stone silo

I wonder if anyone can really do stone work like this any more.

stone silo

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vanilla said...

Uniform building materials have made the mason's work much more efficient, but the art has been much diminished.
The silo is an excellent example of good work in fieldstone.

Secondary Roads said...

Interesting work. Forty plus years ago I knew an old stone mason who did work that I thought was better than that silo. But that's not easy to do.

Lin said...

What is with the Pizza spam???? Criminy.

It's amazing how function and aesthetics were melded so well. That silo is incredibly beautiful. I wondered why someone would go though so much work--was it due to a lack of other materials? creativeness? a personal challenge?

Either way, the barn and the silo make a lovely scene, don't they?

Ann said...

It's a shame they don't build things like that any more. Even though it has no roof it still looks to be in excellent condition.

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