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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yellow, Red, Orange

And you thought the color spectrum went "red, orange, yellow?" Not tonight! On the way home from Traverse City in the car, I stopped to take these three images from the same sunset, in this order. First was yellow with the ball of the sun filtered through trees.


Just a few miles farther, I pulled off the road to catch this red alpenglow on the bare branches along the hill to the east. I've never noticed such a red effect, it's usually gold or orange.


The last hurrah was as the sun sank orange over the still-frozen end of Bear Lake- yet another few miles and minutes down the road.


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Ivy said...

Wow! Those are some awesome views. What a blessing to live in such a gorgeous place.

vanilla said...

Great composition on "Orange"!

Secondary Roads said...

Nice sequence of images.

Ann said...

Love all the colors but that last one is awesome. What a beautiful sunset

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