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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cabin Fever Blasted by Spring Fever

Spring is arriving slowly here, which is actually a good thing. But everyone has pretty much had enough of holing up inside. We had twelve people show up for the Spirit of the Woods hike today.

group of hikers

Nine of the twelve had never hiked with us before! The forecast was for rain. There was still spotty, crunchy snow on the trail. The hike was one of our longer ones, at seven miles. No matter. These people wanted to get outside!

group of hikers

There was snow on about half of the distance. It made for sore hips, and a good workout for the core muscles, but no one cared. We just celebrated the good workout! We walked to a 600-foot boardwalk built by our chapter in 1998, and ate lunch at the deck there. At least the benches didn't have snow on them!

group of hikers

Then we turned around and walked back. It started to rain just as we returned to the cars- talk about good timing! I think everyone enjoyed the hike, and most people said they wanted to go on more of our hikes. Hooray!

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Ann said...

It's nice to finally get out after what feels like an endless winter. Glad you had a good turn out for your hike

vanilla said...

Fantastic timing, and good to be out and about again.

Lin said...

Oh, I hope all that snow melts soon. We had a nice, warm weekend, but now we are all POOPED. sounds like you probably were too. :)

It's nice to get back outside again!

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