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Monday, April 22, 2013

Warm, Walk, Not Wet!

Today was a beautiful day with temps in the 50s, and no rain. The sun was even shining.

I didn't get to spend it all outside. I was working on a small sewing job I picked up. That's always a good thing! I got it done and delivered on time, and then there was some more light, and it still hadn't cooled off too much so I stopped for a hike through Ludington School Forest.

Ludington School Forest

Nothing too spectacular, but I sure don't care! Just to be outside without a coat, not walking in mud or snow is great! I think I walked about three miles. Nothing is green yet, but just having the snow gone boosts the morale.

The sun was low enough to make interesting shadows.

Ludington School Forest

Hoping for lots of great hikes this year!

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Ivy said...

50 degrees F? That's about 10 degrees C -- that's my kind of weather. I would certainly enjoy long walks in that temperature. We're about 88 degrees here right now, btw. I was wondering if people there got cranky when it's too cold because people here certainly do when it gets too hot. I wasn't sure if the other extreme has the same effect.

Ann said...

No snow is always a beautiful sight and sunshine is the icing on the cake

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

I walked at lunch time yesterday too, just to get out and enjoy the sun. It was still chilly at 57 degrees, but the sun sure felt good and always lifts my spirits!

mail4rosey said...

Being outside when it's pleasant weather does boost the morale!!

I'm swinging over to visit from Chuck's place. He's spreading good rumors about you again over there. ;)

Glad you got to get out and enjoy the weather. The kids' sports seasons are starting up so we'll be doing that all week long too. :)

Secondary Roads said...

Yesterday certainly was a beautiful day for us on this dirt road. That trail looks so inviting. It leaves me yearning to know what lies around the bend.

Ratty said...

I miss the kind of trails like you have in your pictures. They look a little different here in Iowa. I love the hills in my part of Iowa, but I still believe that Michigan is the most beautiful state of all.

Sharkbytes said...

Ivy- and that is the reason I could never live somewhere like the Philippines. I'm not good at 88

Ann- yes, I'm ready!

Karen- chilly air with warm sun is my favorite

Chuck- hopefully you'll be walking enough to explore soon

Ratty- I miss you buddy! Thanks for stopping by.

RNSANE said...

I wish I were a walker..not a hiker, just a walker. I am so computer bound, I get no exercise at all. I keep telling myself that, every hour, I'm going to get up and run around or climb stairs or get outside for ten minutes...but I never do.

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