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Monday, April 8, 2013


The story for this week is likely to be "wet." The rain let up for a while late this afternoon and I took a short walk. The deer were soaked, but still finding things to snack on in the yard.


I casually snapped a few pictures of leaves attempting to find a little warmth above ground, and some wet bedraggled crocuses, blooming, but with their petals huddled together in the cold and damp. I didn't even realize till I looked at the picture on the computer how all the water droplets had balled up on the waxy surface. Even the rain has beauty.

crocus with water drops

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Secondary Roads said...

Great pix here today. I keep looking for the crocus, but no joy--yet. I expect to see them before the week is over.

Ann said...

I always like going out after the rain to take pictures. I like the water balls on that second picture

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing all your lovely pics. We have lots of crocuses growing amongst the daffodils along the shores of Holes Bay, but I can't really get this close with my camera, even if I remember to take it along.

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