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Friday, April 5, 2013

New Skill at Work

Today we were really shorthanded at the newspaper, and I got to learn how to do a new task.

The person who collects the bundles after they come out of the stacker straightens the piles, and directs them into the strapper. Then the bundles have to be counted and put in tubs. The number of bundles in a tub is indicated on "bundle top sheets." (BTS) These are printed out for each shift. The sheet gets strapped with the last bundle in the run. We have to figure out which ones go with which run. The runs are color coded, but the BTS aren't. That would make it a lot easier!

The numbering system is also a bit strange, but I got it figured out. Nobody really asked me or trained me to do this job, but the boss left the room and said "do the next run." There were only three of us, and the other two don't want to do the bundling. I was happy to try something new!

cart of newspaper bundles

All the strapped bundles are put into numbered carts, where the carriers pick them up.

See Strapping the Newspapers
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Ann said...

Always good to learn something new.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- I like it! Staves off boredom

Secondary Roads said...

That newspaper is certainly expanding your skill set.