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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Everything is Better with Sunshine

Today was a work day, and with the sun shining, everything was pretty much worth smiling about. Just some nice views:

First, just blue sky with clouds. Even with no green showing yet, the landscape looks better.

blue sky

I love the repeating patterns of rotary hay rakes, and this one just seems to VanGogh its way into the blue sky.

hay rake

This is the old portion of the city of Manistee, taken across Manistee Lake. The current downtown is over the hill, and located along the channel where Manistee Lake drains into Lake Michigan. However, this older section has Main St as the closest to Manistee Lake, and the street from which all the east-west numbers in the county are counted. It also has Manistee St, High St, and Ramsdell St (as in the theater I often mention and the Inn where Ramona's party was, although both of those buildings are over the hill in the newer downtown). In reality, the section seen in this photo is quite run-down when you drive through it, but I like it because of the hilly streets and older buildings.


Finally, just an interesting cupola on a barn.


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Karen and Gerard said...

Amen to that. I love sunny days, even if it is still cold, the sun makes everything feel better!

vanilla said...

Really nice pictures. I particularly like the implement shot.

Secondary Roads said...

Bring on the sun! We don't see much of old Sol during our winters.

Judging by the bent fingers on the rotary rake, it has been used in a field with rocks.

Ann said...

I agree, sunshine does make everything better We actually saw a little of it today too

Sharkbytes said...

Karen- Yes it does!

vanilla- Some day I want to just take a bunch of pictures of one of those from different angles

Chuck- they come pre-bent from the factory these days

Ann- we had more today. I think I'm ready!

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