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Friday, April 19, 2013

Successful Program

Sorry, no pictures. I drove to Albion via US 10 and 127 rather than the Interstates because of severe flooding around Grand Rapids with reported closures of roads. Drove for 3 1/2 hours through rain, sleet, snow, and sun. Yes, this is Michigan, but hey, it's APRIL. I was hoping to take a picture of the trail in Albion, but it would have been a pretty dismal image. So, this will be a rare, pictureless post.

Gave "The North Country Trail and the Kitchen Sink" at Albion College tonight. It was well-received, and there were a lot of questions.

Two little girls were there with their parents (who are working to turn them into campers), and the girls were excited. The older one, about eight, even asked a couple of questions.

I sold 3 books.

One fun encounter happened in a restaurant before I got to the program venue. When I came in the waitress (who turned out to be the owner) said to me in a joking way, "Don't let this lady talk to you in English." She was referring to the woman at the next table who happened to be standing. That lady put up her fists (in a joking way), and I said something like, "Well I like her already. She's ready to go at it." And I put up my fists too. That woman was there with a man who turned out to be her husband.

After we all placed our orders I leaned over, with my map in hand, and asked if they could show me on the map where I was in town (it's hard to drive in a strange town and read the map at the same time). So we got talking.

Turns out she is a Recreation Coach for the college, but wasn't coming to the program because of another commitment. But her husband has hiked a lot, and also is working on canoeing the Mississippi River in segments, and she's interested in my programs. And... her name is Joan.

I'm always wound up after giving a program. Talking to people about the trail just energizes me. It's the one extrovert-ish thing I do. Trying to calm down enough to sleep. Three programs tomorrow.

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Ann said...

You always seem to meet interesting people wherever you go.

Secondary Roads said...

You will be tired after giving three programs. Here's hoping you have a pleasant rest afterward.

Perhaps if you're good we'll even enjoy some better weather.

Lin said...

I wanna come to one of those programs sometime.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- I do! Of course, people do really unique things

Chuck- as you know, I did have a pleasant rest!

Hi Lin- you could set up some programs for me in your area... see http://www.booksleavingfootprints.com/Programs.pdf

RNSANE said...

You do stay so busy, Joan.....how nice to be selling your books, sharing your experience and expertise with others.

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