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Thursday, May 30, 2013

FLT Hiking- Barbour Brook Rd to Fletcher Hollow Road

Tuesday was our hilliest day as far as going up and down and up and down and... None of the hills seem to have names, but we did a total of 2200 feet of vertical climbing and about 2100 going down, over 9.1 miles. It wasn't as hard as I expected, actually. The weather remained nice.

In the morning, the fog was hugging the valleys. This is the Delaware Valley that I showed you yesterday, but early on Tuesday it was filled with white froth.

fog in Delaware Valley

After we started hiking it was again mostly in the woods without long vistas. We concentrated on little green treasures like Chain Fern, still not fully open.

chain fern

The Mayapples agreed to bloom in May, this year. We occasionally walked past rich patches of them. The blossoms hide beneath the leaves.

Mayapple blossom

One of the high spots (literally!) was a place called Rocky Point where the trail winds between scattered rock outcroppings and glacial leavings. Marie likes to stay solidly on the trail.

Rocky Point

But you know I couldn't resist getting up to the top, right?

Rocky Point

We finished in plenty of time to get a hamburger at the local deli for dinner and return to camp in time to read and play our word game, which we love. The evening light on Launt Pond was a lovely backdrop and ending to day two.

reflections in pond

See Shear Rd to Barbour Brook Rd
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Julia said...

Oh, I can't wait for our vacation in northern cal in a few weeks. We're going to the big dog redwoods so I think it might be as refreshing as your photos and hike here. :)

vanilla said...

What a day! And there is Sharkey on top of the world.

Ann said...

oh I like the chain fern.
I would have climbed up on those rocks too

Unknown said...

Wow. That last pic is breathtaking.