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Friday, May 31, 2013

FLT- Fletcher Hollow Road to Delaware River

Wednesday we hiked in warm temperatures, almost too warm, but not terrible. It's just hard to go from cool to hot so quickly. We were on roads all day long. I know that probably sounds unpleasant, but it isn't really. The roads are little traveled, and you often get views, because the trees don't close everything in.

walton mountain road sign

Can you guess that we walked over Walton Mountain? It was 1200 feet up, but the grade wasn't bad, and it turned out to be a really easy day at 8.2 miles. We were actually done by noon.

The day was hazy, so views were muted, but with a beauty of their own.

walton mountain view

walton mountain view

Two of my personal roadside favorites- yellow common buttercup and birds-eye speedwell.


We were not sorry to finish hiking quite early. We spent part of the afternoon sitting in the cars waiting out a downpour.


But the evening cleared up, and the geese brought their brand new babies out for a first swim.

canada goose babies

OK- gotta head to work fast! Bye.

See FLT Hiking - Barbour Brook Rd to Fletcher Hollow Rd.
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Ratty said...

The geese are good to see. I haven't seen any here in a long time. I can't go near our closest river because everything is flooding right now.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Birds-eye speedwell, it made me feel old seeing the name if it is V. chamaedrys it was known as birds-eye here but many moons ago it became germander thank goodness for latin :)

Ann said...

maybe hazy and muted but still a pleasant view. I love that second picture and the baby geese are adorable

Lin said...

Did you see John Boy??? ;)

Looks lovely out there...you make me wanna go camping.

Sharkbytes said...

Ratty- It was fun to watch the parents introduce the babies to water. They have to build up enough oil on their feathers to be able to do more than wade.

Carol- yes, I think that is right. I did a fast and dirty ID because I had to get to work. I'd better check

Ann- I like the third one best

Lin- It was hard not to make those mental connections!

RNSANE said...

Baby geese, too cute, under the parent's watchful eyes.

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