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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring Color

This will be another of those posts with too many pictures. Can't help it! Today was spectacular. I love the colors of the trees in spring just as much as I do in the fall, and today was possibly the peak viewing. With the warm weather the trees are flowering and budding leaves so fast you can almost see it happen.

The first pictures show some various shades of green, red (mostly red maples), and then white, as I hit an area where the shadbush was already blooming.

spring trees

spring trees

spring trees

Blue is a nice addition to the color palette. Here is Hodenpyl Dam Pond behind more shadbush.

spring trees

How about all of the above with blue sky behind?

spring trees

Toward the end of the day I was driving some of my beloved narrow back roads. Google put the address I needed on the far side of a lake, so I drove all the way around it, only to discover the house wasn't far from where I started in the other direction. I made a note on those numbers for next time, but for today I had a nice drive.

spring trees

I saved two favorites for last. The first on isn't focused very well because I put the zoom way out, and it was also a little bit hazy. But I like the result. It looks like a painting, but I didn't play with the image at all. This is looking east on 9 Mile Road. You've seen this view in winter and summer (links below), but this is from the same place today. It has to be one of my favorite local vistas.

spring trees

Finally, another of the moods of my backyard. Sorry about the wire across the view, but it's there. I have to deal with it. You'll have to deal with it. This is what I see out my office window. Not bad, eh?

spring trees

See 9 Mile Rd view in winter
9 Mile Rd view in summer
Moods of My Backyard
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RNSANE said...

What spectacular trees and scenery. When the snow finally goes, you are really rewarded with beautiful greenery and miles of leafy trees. It makes winter seem as if it never happened!

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Some beautiful scenery. Looks like you have caught us up, the trees and bushes look well in leaf and flower.

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- That's one of the reasons I love seasons

Carol- almost all that color is maples in flower. The leaves are just opening. However, I can see the difference even today.

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