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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I was out doing assignments today, and saw several interesting things, but I think this one wins for tonight. I came around a corner on a dirt road and was facing this line of trees. Red pines.

red pines
The traffic and the wind are working hard to create a blowout on that corner. The trees are holding hands and digging in their heels to hang on despite the difficulties.

bare roots

Unless, perhaps, they are simply woody can-can dancers poised in mid-step.

bare roots

See Choirs of Trees
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vanilla said...

Very cool pictures; and I like your imaginative take on the "chorus line."

Secondary Roads said...

Ditto on what Vanilla said.

I see valiant trees fighting soil erosion. I think your idea is better.

Ann said...

I like the shot and it's amazing how they survive all the soil erosion. Maybe you should check back on them another time and see if you can catch their can-can act :)

Lin said...

Those photos almost look like drawings to me. What a beautiful shot--and I like that they are "holding hands". :)

Sharkbytes said...

vanilla & Chuck- some days I have a lot of imagination, others, not so much.

Ann- I suspect they are sneaky and way too shy to dance when anyone is around.

Lin- I didn't alter them at all. It must be the shadows at the edges of all the roots.

Unknown said...

Great photos Joan. Those roots remind me of what I saw on a return trip up the River Dart when the water line had receded from the banks with the tide.

RNSANE said...

It's phenomenal that these trees can survive with their roots exposed and so little soil to dig into.

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