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Friday, May 17, 2013

I Was in Control! (Briefly)

Do you remember this picture? It's the main control panel at the newspaper stuffing machine.

photo label

I got to be the one who operated it for a while today! It didn't last long. The machine was running horribly. I was there for less than an hour, and I got shuffled to watch the papers on the moving table and clear the belts when they jam. That was ok too. Now that I know how to run the control panel, I know they might let me step in there from time to time.

I leave for New York tomorrow morning. Am I ready? No. Am I too tired to care tonight? Yes. I think I have to go to bed early and get up early.

Now that the blog networks that rewarded daily posts are gone, I won't be going out of my way to schedule posts ahead of time. If I am able to make a post on the road occasionally, I will. Otherwise... just be confident I'm having a good time, and I'll update you when I can. I expect you'll see something tomorrow and Sunday, but after that... who knows?

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Lin said...

Just have fun, Sharkey! Wish I was going with ya to camp out in the wilderness!

Ratty said...

I've run many machines with control panels like that. The picture takes me back in time.

RNSANE said...

Have a wonderful, safe trip, Joan.
I'm not too good with machines...the newspapers would be flying everywhere.

rainfield61 said...

Have a safe journey.

And so lucky that you do not have to carry the machine around.

Anonymous said...

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Ann said...

Like Lin said, Just have fun. Look forward to your return and hearing all about your trip

wenn said...

that's interesting to be in control of that machine..

Anonymous said...

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