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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Good Fruit Year?

I took these three pictures this afternoon. Now I'm holding my breath (and praying selfishly). We are supposed to get a hard freeze tonight. If it gets low enough... well, this blog is supposed to be about the quality stuff.

Here's the sour cherry. I would be SO happy if we had a good cherry year. With only one tree, and hungry birds, even in a good year I get enough to make a pie. But I'd really like that. We haven't had any for a couple of years.

sour cherry tree in blossom

The pear trees are hard to defeat, but we had none at all last year. Now that I've worked hard to collect some recipes that use the usual bountiful crop, I am hoping to have some.

pear tree in blossom

The crabapples might not be at quite so much risk. The blossoms aren't quite as far open. Now that I've discovered some of the great things to do with them, I'm looking forward to at least a few.

crabapple tree in blossom

Tomorrow will tell. As for the selfish part, I'm also praying for the whole county, the whole state. After last year's devastation of all the fruit, a second year would be deadly for the economy.

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Ivy said...

I hope you do have a good fruit year. Will look forward to your posts about your harvest. Cherries (can't tell one kind of cherry from another) are so expensive here since they're imported, and they're usually not available fresh. I think we get a diff kind of pear here, and I'm very curious about crabapples. I don't think we have them here either. I do know Trixie Belden lives on Crabapple Farm, lol.

vanilla said...

Oh, I do hope the fruit trees are safe and that y'all have a bountiful harvest.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Today we are back to hailstones and bitter winds.

Secondary Roads said...

I remember the year (late 70s) when we had a bumper crop on our sour cherry tree. I put a net over the tree, which helped save a lot of them for us. That summer we hosted a Finnish exchange student, and he helped us harvest the cherries.

I hope you have lots of cherries for yourself.

Anonymous said...

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Ann said...

I hope you didn't get that frost and that the trees made it through the night.

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