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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Few Hours with Irene

These trips to New York become so rushed, as I try to visit other friends at the ends of hikes. Even so, it's nice to see people even for short times. I was at Irene's house for 21 hours, and we slept some of them. Irene maintains a lot of miles of trail, so we went out to do some trail work yesterday afternoon. Here she is flipping some sticks off the trail.

trail work

Her dogs, Sandy and Pearl, are a little younger than Maggie was, but are also aging. It's so hard to see dogs get old. But they still love to cool off in any pond, and here they found a young friend to throw sticks.

Golden Retrievers

Finally, I have a guessing game for you. These are baby birds. Not exactly the cutest ones on the block, but quite a common one. Who do you think nested on Irene's porch?

baby birds

Tomorrow I'll start going through the days of the hike. Haven't even looked at all the pictures yet, myself!

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Ratty said...

I don't know what the birds are at all. My bird knowledge has become a bit rusty. I hope to regain some of it this summer.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

I am no birder but I will have a guess - their beaks look like a pigeon's.

Secondary Roads said...

My guess is doves.

Lin said...

I can tell by the rickety nest....mourning doves. They make the most pathetic nests! (and their brood pay for it, sadly)

Anonymous said...

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vanilla said...

Turtle doves. They select their nesting spots very carelessly, imho.

Ann said...

well I'm cheating and using Lin's answer.

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