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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spirit of the Woods Hike- May

Today was one of those days that prove there must be a heaven. Twelve people and two dogs met to hike in a section of the Manistee National Forest that Loren picked out for having great wildflowers. The trilliums weren't quite open yet, but other flowers were spectacular. More on that tomorrow.


The weather was just about as good as it gets. In the 70s while we hiked, sunshine, blue sky. Stewart says, "two thumbs up!" and we all concur.


There was a good variety of ages of people. The youngest hiker was 5 years old. She and her mom walked two of the miles. They spotted a car there ahead of time so they could leave at that point. Of course a small child has her own agenda in the woods. She was very interested in the flowers and other little things she found along the way, and so went at her own pace. But she did not get tired of the walk or grumpy. In fact, she was very unhappy when her mom picked her up a few times in order to catch up with the group. She wanted to WALK. It's so great to find parents committed to letting their children appreciate nature.


We had one teenager, and two college kids, in addition to the adults. And two dogs. Everyone had a good time.

Here's Loren, our fearless leader for today!

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vanilla said...

What better way to spend a Spring day!

D.G. Hudson said...

Looks like a great group, and a fun group makes the day go better!

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello sharkbytes its dennis the vizsla dog hay that luks like kwite an owting!!! with that menny peepul i bet the monsters in the woods did not bother yoo for a moment!!!! their ar monsters in the woods rite??? ok bye

Sharkbytes said...

vanilla- none I can thing of!

DG- well said

Dennis- no monsters in the woods- o, maybe us!

RNSANE said...

I think it's great to have all ages join in the fun...a great example for the youngsters to see everyone out there...away from the t.v. and sedentary activities, enjoying spring sunshine and camaraderie.

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