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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wildflowers Everywhere!

Spring is just popping faster than the popcorn I had this evening. Of course that means there are more pictures to share than the blog can handle. I'll stick to my promise about flowers from Saturday, but I already have something super cool for tomorrow!

Let's start with two look-alikes: They are both Dicentra, one is Dutchman's breeches, and the other is squirrel corn. The leaves are nearly indistinguishable. But the flowers aren't the same. Guess which one this is that looks like a pair of little upside down pants.

photo label
They are both related to bleeding heart, and the squirrel corn bloom looks like that garden flower. These aren't quite mature. They will get a little wider and whiter.

photo label

There were a lot of trout lilies, Erythronium americanum. These seem to produce lots of leaves but fewer blossoms. However, this area must have rich soil, because there were a lot of blossoms. This is a true lily, but not a true trout (however the leaves might remind you of a brookie.)

photo label
Finally, the forest floor was just carpeted with spring beauty, Claytonia caroliniana. There were so many the ground just looked pink, and as the day warmed we could smell their sweet scent in the air. The picture is one of typical color, but if you follow the link, you'll see (under "other Claytonia") a picture of some that were unusually deep magenta.

photo label

OK, I kept my promise. Here's another. Tomorrow I'll show you something I've never gotten a picture of before!

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Rick (Ratty) said...

Beautiful. These are a very welcome sight for me right now. After jokingly griping about winter on my blog, I really made myself tired of it. And now I need every sign of spring I can get.

vanilla said...

The April showers did their job!

Ivy said...

So pretty!

Ann said...

so pretty and it's wonderful to see spring finally springing :)
I knew by those flowers in the first one that it had to be the Dutchman's breeches. They do look like little pants

RNSANE said...

Such pretty floral carpeting in the woods. We have some beautiful wildflowers, too, in CA. Spring is such a glorious time of year here, especially with all the fruit orchards in bloom. Of course, it wreaks havoc with my sinuses!!