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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Inside a Video Game?

Did you ever play Riven? It was an awesome computer puzzle game in a world filled with islands, villages, strange abandoned mines and tunnels and a transportation system. I loved playing it, but I never got to finish because that computer died, and it won't play on new versions. Makes me very sad. I wish they would update it to play on new systems.

Anyway, there is a private, ritzy, gated community here that you have to be very rich or the guest of someone very rich, to enter. OR... be a service person. And people who live in there buy insurance. I'm getting to know my way around quite well. The thing is, it's like an incredible maze. There are few roads, that go wherever they go, not in some nice grid. The whole thing is built on sand dunes. OK... I know what you are thinking, but it's been there for over 100 years. There are huge mansions and tiny cottages tucked into every conceivable space. There are limited places to park, but you can walk anywhere on a non-sensical series of walkways... wood, stone, dirt, concrete. There's even a little two seater elevator/funicular.

Epworth walk

I'd love to just wander around and take pictures of the "secrets." But the security at the gate gives you a limited time to do what you need to do and leave. Today, I did get pictures of the high walkway.

Epworth walk

It's like being inside a game similar to Riven. Makes me want to design one!

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Ann said...

I've never played that game but I would like to wander around in this place.

Secondary Roads said...

What an interesting community. Gotta go. Gonna check out Riven.

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