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Monday, July 8, 2013

So Far, So Good!


Do you remember these two little pumpkin possibilities from June 24?

pumpkin vines

Guess what they look like now. Pretty awesome, eh?

pumpkin vines

As Vanilla pointed out, that fence isn't going to do the job very much longer. I'm working on that. We have plenty of fencing for a nice space, adequate for the pumpkins, and maybe a friend or two next year. The problem is, it's buried in some tall grass. Not an easy job to recover. I have one short piece and one long piece pulled out. One more of each to go to complete the rectangle.

fenced garden space

I'm terrible about getting things started and not finishing them, but this needs to happen really soon. I have a very full week of work, so it will be a challenge, for sure, and the most difficult piece is yet to be recovered.

So far the only threat has been a robin that landed inside the small circle of fencing and was pecking at the baby leaves. I ran out and chased it away. Sheesh. Am I going to have to buy bird netting for the top, too?

See Two Little Possibilities
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Secondary Roads said...

That's looking good! I had to chase a baby bunny out of our garden. Mama couldn't squeeze through the fence, but baby could--and did.

Ann said...

look at those grow. A lot of work to protect them

Lin said...

Oh, you are gonna have to make a scarecrow...or a scarerobin.

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- Not sure how to keep them from getting under the fence. I may have to bury the bottom. I don't think those geofabric staples would be sturdy enough in our sandy soil. Maybe I could make some extra long ones of wire, though.

Ann- it is... probably more work than just hunting to buy them

Lin- those never work. Saw a beautiful garden while working today. It has an 8 foot fence. What does that tell you?

vanilla said...

A robin eating pumpkin leaves? Hmmm.

That vine is looking good.

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