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Monday, July 1, 2013

Toys and Accessories

Loretta and I each got something new this week. Hers is more fun, but mine is necessary for us to be able to have future fun.

My "new" car didn't have the crossbars for a roof rack. Unfortunately, those are NOT cheap for cars with flush-mounted rails. So, my big purchase of the summer was crossbars.

kayak rack

They went on pretty easily. It actually took a lot longer to find bars made to fit my year and model. None of the generic brands would work. But what is that blue thing?

kayak on rack

Well, Loretta found a kayak on sale that she likes, so with the rack installed- one of today's projects- we went and picked it up.

Now she has a kayak but no bike. I have a bike but no kayak. However, I have a roof rack. There is something wrong with the current coordination of equipment. But we'll eventually get our planets and stars aligned.

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Secondary Roads said...

Time is required for the stars to align. Hopefully they do that soon for you.

Ann said...

Well you are certainly on your way to tons of fun and adventure

mail4rosey said...

And oh what fun you'll have when they do align!

Chuck's talking good about you again, so I came over to visit, and I've signed up for your newsletter. :)

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- small designated stars are accumulating in a bank account

Ann- I sure hope so!

Rosey- Thanks for coming by and thanks for the sign up!

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