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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Flamingo and His Pet Pig

One of a kind metal yard art! I want you to know I ran across five lanes of traffic and got yelled at just to prove to you that all the best flamingos have pet pigs this season. Unless of course they have purple and blue wings, in which case they have no need of the prestige which a pig brings.

flamingo yard art
If you don't fancy a pet pig, how about an owl or a peacock? No pussycats gone to sea, but there was a frog sipping a cocktail. Plenty of wildlife for all.

flamingo yard art
Everyone is trotting through the trees, but the bright flamingos sure lead the pack.

flamingo yard art
You know, when I started this silly series, I thought I'd find one or two examples of flamingos a year. It's turning out to be more like once a month. Who knew there were so many?

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Lin said...

Watch it, Sharkey--people are gonna start associating you with flamingos. :P

I'd like to see a close-up of the frog sipping a cocktail. He'd fit right in at my place.

vanilla said...

Someone committed yard-art with a vengeance!

Secondary Roads said...

A mile south of here there's a peacock in the yard. A live one at that.

John Sealander said...

Great yard art! I love the little metal palm trees...

Ann said...

Someone sure does love their yard art.

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