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Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Kingdom

Thanks to a post from our friend Vanilla, where he showed his kingdom, I went looking on Mapquest for mine. I've never been happy with the Google satellite picture, but this one is better.

Makes me want to take you on a big tour! I will probably use this map to orient you from time to time. The highway is at the top (north) and the railroad tracks at the very bottom (south). The cemetery is in the woods on the left (west). One thing that amazes me is you can see my mowed trails! All those places I walk and take pictures to show you! Well, for tonight I'll just point out that the house is in the yellow circle. You can click to enlarge.

And the yellow arrow? That's where I pointed the camera to take the farewell shot for today. The roundish clump of pines in the map shows up in the photo.


There have been some changes. I think this image was made about two years ago. Now I'll have to tell you why in a future post.

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rainfield61 said...

So well,we can locate your position now.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

These satellite maps are amazing, I find myself looking at areas I have worked and lived over the years and sometimes it makes me sad and rarely joyful when it has not altered. Still life goes on :)

vanilla said...

Ah! Found you. That's a "goodly" piece of property.

Ann said...

I love those satellite maps. The last time I brought one up for my house I could tell it was an old picture because it had my old car in the driveway

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- probably, with very little more info

Carol- too true

Vanilla- we only own a slice. But I get the use of quite a lot

Ann- one day soon I'll show how I know it's 2 years old

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