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Monday, January 20, 2014

Report on the Tale of the Eight Baby Walnuts

Back in August of 2010, I narrated the tale of the eight baby walnuts. You really should read it for the full import of this post. See A Tale of Eight Walnuts

Walking out back in our fairly deep snow I stopped dead in my tracks at this astonishing sight.

baby walnut trees

I'm quite sure you are saying, "Oh, yeah... more snow and a valley on the side (that's where the railroad tracks are), and a leaning telephone pole (that isn't in use of any sort), and not even anything of interest to grab your eye.

But that's because you don't know where to look, my friends. I'm so encouraged! These six trees (I'm tellin' you, read about the eight), are visible above the snow. They've been growing at this location for 19 years. Just think, in 2064 they might be tall enough to distinguish from a weed. But by then, it's doubtful I will be looking for them.

baby walnut trees

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Anonymous said...

That's pretty amazing!

Ann said...

how awesome. Too bad they don't grow a little faster so you could enjoy their full grown splendor

Secondary Roads said...

I was a youngster when my grandfather planted three trees--three tiny trees. I asked, "Whatcha doin' Grandpa?" He responded, "I'm planting these three trees." Still curious, I asked, "Why." "So they'll grow tall and give shade to this area," was his reply. My questions continued, "How long will that take?" He responded, "Probably thirty years." I Thought about that for a while. Then I asked, "You probably won't be around then, huh?" "I probably won't," he agreed. My final question followed, "So why then are you doing it?" He proceeded to explain life cycles people, plants and animals. He told me about the importance of leaving your part of the world better than you found it.

Unknown said...

How lovely to have succeeded with your walnut trees. I love having a bash at planting trees, etc from seeds - the sense of achievement is so much greater when you succeed.

Do tell me though, are black walnuts a different flavour? I've purchased the US white walnuts and, of course, the European ones - they are slightly more bitter but as with hazelnuts they become sweeter when heated for a few minutes.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi catskill blogger- they seem to just be there. I'm not sure they are any taller than when I planted them.

Ann- I never expected full splendor, but I had thought I'd get to see them grow a little bit.

Chuck- my intentions, but I can't get over how these have done almost nothing, but yet they live on.

Polly- I don't know what white walnuts are. Most walnuts we buy in the store are called English Walnuts. Black ones do have a slightly darker meat, and a different flavor. I like them best, but they are expensive because the shells are SO hard, extracting the nuts is difficult.

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