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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Big and Blue

I had to get up a little earlier than I wanted today to go do a work assignment. I think that's going to result in an early bedtime.

Nevertheless, the day was all about BLUE- blue sky, blue water.

This is looking across Pere Marquette Lake (where the river widens before flowing into Lake Michigan. That's Ludington on the far shoreline, and the Spartan at dock (sister of the Badger). Amazing how a small city disappears in all that blue-ness.

Pere Marquette Lake

The sky was clear and perfect. What a backdrop for the last of the fall color, like this maple.

maple tree

And since I was out near Lake Michigan, were it breathes in and out over the edges of the sandy point of land that separates the two lakes, I sat and watched it come and go.

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

See Twin Queens of the Lakes
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vanilla said...

Bee you tea full

Secondary Roads said...

Say, that was fun! Very creative in the "come and go" shot.

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