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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hidden Things Revealed

I mentioned that there were additional photo ops at Island Lake. One of them is a home which you might never see in the summertime. However, as the leaves fall from the bushes, and the cattail stalks dry and bend toward the water, it is revealed.

redwing blackbird nest

Because of the location and size, I'm guessing this is a nest of the Redwing Blackbird. Empty nests are sad in one way, but they are also good news-- the birds have flown and next year may raise families of their own.

redwing blackbird nest

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Ann said...

I guess even birds like lakeside property :)
It doesn't look like that would be sturdy enough to hold that nest up

rainfield61 said...

Oh, they have moved to a bigger house.

Secondary Roads said...

That does look like a red-wing blackbird nest.

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