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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hawkins Road

Today was chilly but sunny. I was out doing cases, and got to drive some roads I'd never seen before. You know that always makes me happy! Sometimes views have less to do with elevation than with openings between trees. That said, this is only a couple of miles from the Lake County high point. I'll have to try to get there one of these days! (I don't think there are roads- that will be an adventure, but it's in a state forest, so totally legal to go there.)

Anyway, There I was going north on Hawkins Road and at the top of a small hill I had a glimpse of a view to the NE. I backed up and stopped. Here's that vista.

Lake County view from Hawkins Road

I'm including two shots in each direction. That's a lot of pictures, but it's amazing what a difference there is in a slightly different angle, or by using the telephoto.

Lake County view from Hawkins Road

That was what grabbed my attention. Then I turned around and looked back south, the way I came.

Lake County view from Hawkins Road

That one showed a lot of orange, but when I shifted and pulled it in a little the picture is very blue!

Lake County view from Hawkins Road

Then I had to check out the view to the west. This was a more narrow opening to see the far hills.

Lake County view from Hawkins Road

This is more directly west, and less of a long view, but I like it better.

Lake County view from Hawkins Road

And north? No long view at all. But... it was great!

Lake County view from Hawkins Road

This is one of those rare instances when you can actually get a sense of elevation in a picture of a road or trail.

Lake County view from Hawkins Road

Found a couple other nice things, too. Stay tuned. But this was really super!

See Mason County High Point
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vanilla said...

You picked a swell vantage point!

John Sealander said...

You're having a beautiful Fall. We're at least a month behind you down here. Leaves are still green...

Ann said...

nice view no matter which direction you were looking

The Furry Gnome said...

Very nice pix! It is an interesting challenge for the camera to capture those little glimpses of views that the human eye picks out between the trees. Our eyes seem to be able to blank out part of the picture and focus on the distant view, but the camera cannot. Well done.

Secondary Roads said...

What an interesting adventure. Love the pix, and that's my kind of [secondary] road.

RNSANE said...

Wow, such a fabulous day you had, great pictures, one and all. I, especially, liked that last one with all the wonderful shadows. You really do live in a wonderful area and it is nice to be away from city congestion. I can appreciate it more so after living in crowded overpopulated Mumbai these past four months.

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