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Monday, October 27, 2014

Ag Report 3- Fruit

Fruit is the biggest agricultural industry in this area. I took more pictures, but can't find them all right now. That's ok, a few things is enough.

The first picture is taken in August. It's a peach orchard. Although we produce mostly cherries and apples there are a fair number of peach and apricot orchards too.

peach tree

One picture I can't find shows a cherry orchard "put to bed." Basically the rows were mowed, and the trees were wrapped (because they were still very young) to protect them from rodent damage over the winter.

Now, and for the last month, it's apple season. Things are winding down because we've had a couple of hard frosts, but there are some varieties that are still being brought in. It's been a good apple year.

apple tree

Apples are picked by hand. That's why the trees are pruned to keep them low and open. This also allows the sun to reach the interior.

apple harvest

Speaking of apple harvest. I finally went out today and brought in some of our scaly but usable apples so I can make some cider. Yum! Don't want to miss out on that.

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vanilla said...

That cider made at home from your home-grown apples. MMMmm!

Ratty said...

Fruit trees are my favorite kinds of trees. Must be because of the fruit. I like apple the best. It would be nice living that close to those orchards.

Secondary Roads said...

Hooray for cider season! Homemade cider = the bestest.

Ann Thompson said...

home made apple cider sure sounds good

Lin said...

Oh, I love apple cider!

Are all the bees dead yet? That's the one downfall to picking apples....bees. :(

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