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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Changing Moods

Today was still fairly pleasant. It wasn't raining. But the air has a chill, and the leaves are coming down.

The far tree line is dominated by bare branches with just a lingering few aspens.

golden aspen trees

The golden leaves are reaching to the gray sky as if begging for a few more days.

golden aspen trees

But the wind is going to have its way. It won't be long.

aspen tree in the wind
The forest is now upside down, with all the leaves below the branches. The trunks float in a calico sea.

fallen leaves

November is coming.

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Ann said...

an upside down forest with trunks floating in a calico sea. I like that

rainfield61 said...

November is coming.

It is another new month.

And another beautiful month.

Secondary Roads said...

Those lead-gray skies look like a harbinger of Michigan winter. My fleece lined coat is ready.

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