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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Still Looking for My House

No, the piles aren't quite that deep yet, that I've completely lost the house.

I got "stood up" on a work assignment, so I had some extra time to wander home. Since it was a clear, crisp day I decided to go over the Mason County high point. We've been there before. Even tried to find my house before. But it was hazy when I took those previous pictures.

The road cut is probably 30 feet short of the height of land, but the view is more sweeping from the road. Not to mention how good it looks in autumn! This is a full long shot.

view from Mason County Michigan High Point

Then I went looking for my house. It's easy to find the water tower, which is a mile east of me.

photo label

I saw the sun glinting off something to the west of that. Aha! It's the space station (er... grain elevator)

view from Mason County Michigan High Point

Can you find them both in this shot?

view from Mason County Michigan High Point

Now I worked my way west from the space station. I also went closer to the top of the high point, trying to preserve a sight line to the correct spot, as more trees closed in around me. Something looked familiar. The yellow arrow in the middle of this picture is pointing to our copse of aspen trees that you can see in My Kingdom From On High. Interesting that the leaves were mostly down on Oct 19, of last year.

view from Mason County Michigan High Point

The arrow on the left is the clump of white pines on the hill just west of us, featured in this awesome sunset Timing is So Important. Those are about 10 miles away from where I took the picture.

From almost the very top (you can get 3-4 feet higher, but it's all filled in with sumac and grape vines, so no view), I pulled in a shot straight north. You are seeing more than 10 miles there, but nothing I can recognize.

view from Mason County Michigan High Point

That was a satisfactory stop!

See Mason County High Point for a previous attempt to do this
See The Highest Point for a view of that hill from our house
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Ann said...

well lit's a pretty view especially with all that fall color.

I would never be able to tell one tree from another at that distance

vanilla said...

Joan--the local cartographer. I like this.

Secondary Roads said...

Magnificent view from up there. You certainly do find the quality in your day[s].

Lin said...

That's great that you can do that! Joe does that from planes--can tell exactly where we are and where we live. I am clueless.

RNSANE said...

I just see mostly beautiful fall foliage which we aren't getting in this part of India but the monsoon rains are over. By the time I get back to CA Dec 3, I don't think they'll be any nice foliage changes in the Sacramento area, if all of it hasn't burned away. They are on water rationing from what I've heard. Hope winter rains will improve that.

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