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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Old House and More

Look what I stumbled across on line today. It costs a ton of money to get actual prints of these without the watermark. Too bad, but it's better to let the past go sometimes.

This is our same property, but in 1979. We moved into this house in Dec 1971.

old house aerial view

Now our house is up behind the white pines at 1.

2 is the shed attached to the barn we had to pull down. See It's Down

All that's left of the old house is at 3, outlined in yellow. See Last Project Day

Notice the road. It was just two lanes then. Now it's five with full paved shoulders beyond that.

old house aerial view

I loved that house, but things change.

In other news: I got home from my walk just before this happened! I call that good timing. I understand there is some real flooding happening near us, but there are some advantages to living on top of a hill.

rain on window

And this happened in the kitchen. I haven't made this cherry cheesecake in a LOT of years... because it's SO good I easily eat way too much. Recipe from my mother!

cherry cheesecake

And I accomplished my writing goal for the day, chapters 8-10 in The ABZ Affair! Tomorrow it's back to work at the paper.

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Ann said...

Wouldn't it be nice to have a side by side comparison of the old aerial hot and what it looks like now. All that open land. LOVE it.
That cheesecake looks really good

Lin said...

That is a cool photo...too bad the cost is too high to have a clean print of it. It would be fun to have a side-by-side comparison now.

Like you...I dodged a downpour after my walk. The yard was flooded...and this morning I could skate on it. I love this time of year when you get a little peek at Spring. While it doesn't last, it sure helps give us hope.

vanilla said...

"There've been some changes made!" The five-lane highway is sufficient reason for the house setback.

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