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Thursday, February 22, 2018


I'm tired- so you get to play one of those number games with me again. It's the twenty-second day of the second month in the second millennium (oops third!), but the numbers start with 2. Ha!

So, I pulled the second SD card holder, took the card from the second slot, opened the second file, and here is the second picture. It's even in focus!

These are two really great guys! On the left is Ed Chappel who is receiving the North Country Trail Association's Trail Maintainer of the Year Award in 2009. He wasn't able to attend the conference, so Ed Morse, on the right, delivered it.

These two men are responsible for an awful lot of good North Country Trail miles. Thanks guys!

Ed Chappel receiving Trail Maintainer of the Year award from Ed Morse North Country Trail Association 2009

Trail Maintainer of the Year award  North Country Trail Association 2009

In other news: work, interview for my monthly column, errands, crash.

See Ed Chappel Boardwalk
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1 comment:

Ann said...

Usually when I try something like this the photo it lands on is the most pitiful one in the bunch

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