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Friday, February 9, 2018

Dad's Elementary School

If Chuck were still doing his Family Friday series, this would be an entry. Actually, I should have waited till my scanner was working again to post this, because the pictures would be better. But I can replace them when that happens.

This schoolhouse was around the corner and down Powell Road about a half mile from where Dad grew up (see Back to Jack).

When I was a child, it had been converted to a house, and was lived in by "Aunt Bess." I have no idea any more what her last name was.

Anyway, Here are the schoolchildren in front of the building around 1914. My dad looks about 10, so that's how I'm guessing the date.

schoolhouse with children in 1914

There is a better picture of just the kids. I can name some of them, or at least give the family name, in case some people from the old hometown stumble on this.

schoolchildren in 1914

Far left is Marian Marsh, next to her is Helen Marsh. Boy in back of them and girl just to the right of Helen are Stouts. Boy with the long bangs in front of the teacher is a Ganoung. Teacher in far back- no part of name known. Smallest girl in front of teacher with the loose hair is identified as a "poor girl, whose brother Melvin died." Last name might be Briggs. Boy with the curly hair in front of the teacher is my dad, Ray F. Leary. Boy with dark pants in front of him is perhaps a VanDorn. Last boy on the right in back is John Marsh. Girl on the far right is also a Ganoung.

The Marsh sisters grew up to be good friends of ours, and they were wonderful to "us kids" at church. Marian was a woman ahead of her time. Loved those ladies.

I really treasure pictures of my dad as a boy because there are so few of them. These also add a layer of local history.

In other news: Worked, wrote chapter 17 in The Hitchhiker, going back to work in a couple hours.

See Ray F. Leary
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Ann said...

What a nice treasure. You did well with identifying everyone. I've seen old photos that my parents had and often don't know who most of the people are

Secondary Roads said...

Thanks for the mention. The response to Family Friday was not very good. For that reason I dropped the meme and the blog that supported it.

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