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Friday, February 2, 2018

Celebrate Family and Friends

OK, so the Dove candy company prints things on wrappers that will work in any number of situations, but this is now number four that has been a perfect match for the day's activities. Today they suggest I celebrate family and friends. And I can do that.

Dove candy wrapper Celebrate family and friends

For starters, the newest member of the genealogical clan arrived last evening in Texas. His name is Shepherd Dean Greenawalt. He's Omer's youngest sister's (Kathleen, who died) grandson.

newborn infant in a blanket with footprints

For the friends part, there was an artist reception at the Art Center in Ludington this afternoon. I just have a hard time making myself go to anything between work shifts on Friday, however...

One of the artists is Linda Sandow, who is doing the cover art for my Dubois Files mysteries. Here she is, showing off the cover art for The Secret Cellar against the display of some of her work. I took this picture the other day.

artist with colored pencil drawing and collage art

Here she is this evening, talking about her works with some of the visitors at the reception.

artist with  collage art

I also know another of the artists, Ellen Niemann, quite well. Our lives have intersected off and on for about 50 years. I knew she did black and white portraits, but I had no idea until a few weeks ago that she also does beautiful color paintings, often incorporating calligraphy with the images.

Here she is (on the left) talking about her work with another visitor. These paintings were all inspired by a trip she and her husband took to Rwanda a few years ago.

artist with water color painting of Rwandans

Here is another of her works.

water color painting of Rwandans

So, I'm glad I made the effort to go. They said it was a pretty good turnout. That's good. The community is supporting the arts to some extent during the non-tourist season.

In other news: work. Well, I'm trying to finish chapter 9 in The Hitchhiker.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

What a sweet little addition to your family.
Both ladies are quite talented.

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