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Monday, February 19, 2018

Orange Details, Wet Ending

Today has been all about writing, but after finishing Chapter 6 in The ABZ Affair, I just had to get some exercise, so I went out for a different 3-mile walk. the sky was spitting a little bit, but real rain wasn't supposed to start till later.

The color of the day is orange (although I snuck in one picture from yesterday).

Orange lichen:

orange lichen on  maple bark

Here's the one from yesterday. I suspect the orange tree tips are some kind of willow, but not positive.

orange willow tree tips against evergreens

These are a willow, perhaps the same kind. I did increase the contrast a bit, but they are really orange and you know I like my colors bright, even garish.

orange willow tree branches in February

But, it was raining steadily although softly by the time I got home, and I was quite wet, although refreshed. For those of you who like softer tones, try raindrops on white birch branches.

raindrops on white birch branches

Supposed to rain for several days now.

In other news: I'm really pulling out all the stops on writing The ABZ Affair. I have so much to do with illustrations and formatting for all three books, I'd like to get the texts really finished and polished before the end of February. Today I finished chapter 5 (had to do a LOT of research on 1953 prices), and wrote 6 (researched earlier) and 7. They may need some content editing, but at least there is something solid to work with. No work at the paper for me again tomorrow (no Tuesday work this year- not good for the wallet), but I'm hoping I can write three more chapters. We'll see.

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Ann said...

Nice splash of color in those pictures. I'm craving color these days

Lin said...

I got out on the trail today between downpours. It was beautiful though! And like you, I didn't mind getting sprinkled on a bit.

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