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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Skiing Under the Snow

The jinx is broken! I finally got to use my new skis. We've had about eight inches of soft fluffy flakes. It's been almost a month since I bought them, and there hasn't been a ski day since then!

skis under the snow

There was no way to stay on top, but it's cold and the snow is dry, so I could glide right along. It IS cold and the wind was blowing. I didn't stay out too long, but I did go out.

The trees are beautiful draped in white.

Fsnowy branches

It was still coming down as dusk began to settle in.


In other news: It was a great day. I slept until I woke up, and didn't have to go anywhere. I wrote three chapters in The Hitchhiker and did a little housecleaning.

See A Beau-ski-ful Day
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The Furry Gnome said...

Wonderful, glad you got out on those skiis!

Ann said...

Glad you finally got to use those skis.
I love when I can sleep until I wake up and have nowhere to go. Today is a day just like that.

Ratty said...

This reminds me that I wish I could ski. I mentioned a few years ago when I commented on one of your posts that the last time I tried was when I was a kid. It went badly. Now I'm afraid of falling too much to try. I still wish I could do it though. Maybe I'll try anyway one of these times.

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