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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Concept Cover- ABZ Affair

Today, I'll show you the concept sketch I gave Linda to work up into the cover for The ABZ Affair. This one has to look a bit scary and dangerous. The main action of the "threat" takes place inside the canning factory after it's closed for the day. The tones will be full of shadows, probably purples. Jimmie and George are hiding behind the conveyor belt when the sinister man opens the door. I promise he'll look more sinister when Linda is done with him.

concept cover for the ABZ Affair

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concept covers for three Dubois Files books

In other news: I worked, then made a quick stop at Goodwill. Found a cotton flannel shirt that fits (the one I'm using like a sweater is more holes than shirt). Also got a couple other little items- it was Senior discount day! I took my 3-mile road loop walk because the sun was shining and it was 40 degrees! But I wanted to show you this cover today- you've seen lots of clouds and trees. I also finished (except for the digital part) one illustration for The Secret Cellar, and got another one really close. Two to go for that book, I think. However, if I do 4 per book, that's a total of 12, and I can turn out about one a day. Yikes! I still have a whole book to write, too. Need to keep workin'!

See cover for The Hitchhiker
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Ratty said...

I like this one already. It looks like it'll be great when it's finished.

Ann said...

I like the way this one looks.

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