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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Great Balls of Fire! Or Not

Great Balls of Fire! Literally and in an exclamatory sense. It's only mornings like this one when you can really look at that great ball of fire in the sky.

red sun in fog

A few minutes later the red color was gone, but the scene was magical. This tree is nothing but an annoyance to mow around, except that I consider it my own private bonsai tree.

foggy sunrise

And the moon tonight was neither a ball, nor is it fiery, since it has no fire of its own. But I loved the blue sky.

crescent moon

In an exclamatory sense... Great balls of fire! There was no water last night when I went to bed. What the heck? We just had a new pump put on the well this past winter (at great expense). And, um... it's certainly not frozen this week. So I was not looking forward to getting in the well pit. I did check the breaker, which was fine. Laid awake agonizing over it all. So, this morning I dialed the pump man, and just thought I'd turn on the faucet while the call was going through. Water! Hung up, since I don't like talking to the pump man who is always annoyed with me.

I have no explanation for this. The well is not dry. It's 165 feet deep with 85 feet of water in it. It never ran dry when I was doing two loads of laundry a day and cooking for herds of people; I'm sure it's not in trouble with two of us who may do two loads of laundry a week and avoid cooking like the plague.

Someone suggested that new pumps have a thermal shut-off if they get too hot. This is my only guess.

See Foggy Day- for same tree in afternoon fog
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Gmail sign up said...
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Ann said...

I like the looks of that second picture. The fog has a way of making things look a bit magical.
Glad you had water again and didn't have to talk to the pump man. What a pain if the pump is going to shut down when it gets too hot.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- I love the fog when it's thick like that

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