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Monday, September 3, 2018

Another Walk with Cathy

Cathy and I managed to get in a 4-mile road walk today. I carried 33 pounds. The humidity is really up there, but we did it at a 3 mph pace. It didn't feel great, but I did it.

Some nifty sightings along the way. Cathy saw the one sandhill crane far out in the field, but when I opened the picture, there are two!

sandhill cranes

I thought this was a northern harrier, it was so light colored, but it appears to just be a red-tail hawk.

red tail hawk

We saw two of these caterpillars. Both were trying to cross the road. Not a good way to make it to adulthood! Bugguide tells me it's the Dusky Hooded Owlet, Cucullia intermedia, which feeds on wild lettuce plants (which like to grow on roadsides) and will become a fairly boring gray moth.

Cucullia intermedia caterpillar

And for the big finale, there is a Monarch chrysalis hanging right on the corner of her house. Love the way some of the spots look like jewels. This one is smaller than some I've seen, only an inch long, although I looked up the normal size, and it's about right.

Monarch chrysalis
In other news: Couldn't sleep again last night. This is getting boring, and it means I'm really tired already now. Worked on hike food. Oh, and 1.8 inches of rain overnight. Drove home from the concert in big rain, and this was the result. I think we've had enough for a while, but my forecast app still looks gray.

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Ann said...

I've been wanting to get out and walk but I just can't do it in the humidity. I'm so ready for some cooler weather.

Lin said...

This humidity is crazy and am not walking in it. I have cabin fever in summer!

Secondary Roads said...

The rain could let off for a while. I have one more brush pile to burn, and that doesn't work so well with water-logged wood.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann & Lin- I just couldn't make myself yesterday. Too humid.

Chuck- yeah, we are certainly wet enough now for a while.

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