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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Boardwalk Repairs

You know we've recently had some bad storms that left a mess along the North Country Trail. This week's chapter work outing was already scheduled for the Sterling Marsh Boardwalk to deal with some frost heave and minor repairs.

However, two sections of the boardwalk took direct hits from falling trees. Here's one of them after the tree was cut off.

broken boardwalk

We had a huge group of people turn out to work, close to twenty. This was good because there was a lot to do.

After clearing the first broken section some of the guys made a pile driver with a log and board to smack the heaved sections back down. (They also used car jacks to lift some sections that had sunk.) So the boardwalk is close to level again.

broken boardwalk repairs

Meanwhile, another guy and I went on ahead to start taking apart the broken place pictured above. Other people were unloading and cutting lumber, carrying it and tools to whoever needed it, etc.

Around noon we broke for lunch, and to have the annual chapter meeting. We have done this in the woods before- most notably one under a tarp in the pouring rain- and incidentally while working on first building this same section The Wettest Meeting But today's weather was great.

One of our members, Steve Webster, finally received the national award he was given this spring. It's the "Sweep" award, given to someone who likes to work behind the scenes but is always out there working for the trail.

man receiving award

After the meeting, we headed back out to continue working. As bad as that broken section looked, here we are already putting decking boards back in place.

repairing boardwalk

And around 3 pm. we picked up the tools and headed back to the cars. This picture is that same section above that was completely broken up.

repaired boardwalk

Sue and Sophie (with Sophie's sister Anabelle) were there. I hadn't seen Sophie in a long time. This little dog really likes me (and I her)! She kept wanting me to pick her up and hold her all day long. Well, I don't mind that.

woman holding dachshund

In the roadway that got us back near where we were doing work were bear tracks, but we were making so much noise I'm sure no bear was anywhere nearby.

bear tracks

Great day, amazing accomplishment to get all those repairs done in one work day.

Because of all the walking back and forth, I'm counting 2 more miles toward Hike 100. Total 69 miles.

I didn't do a blog post yesterday. For some reason, after I got home from working at Shagway (extra hours, but it's not like that is difficult), I was so tired I went to bed with a book and it wasn't long before I couldn't even hold the book up. Went to sleep and slept through till 7 am!

One more week till I leave on my hike. Time to get seriously busy!

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Ann Thompson said...

You had a good crew there, that boardwalk looks great

Secondary Roads said...

It's sad to see the broken boardwalk, but very good to see the results of the repair to same.

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