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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Day Eleven - Midland to Mackinac

Almost! I almost had a day with no bushwhacking. Actually, depending on how you count it, maybe none. I lost the blazes 3 times, but each time found them within 5 minutes again.

Had a wonderful trail angel this morning, Cindy Faust, whom I hadn't ever met, but she agreed to spot my car. I decided to go for more miles, and got in 13! She and Bridgee met me and took me to where I turned around yesterday. Thanks, Cindy!

hikers and dog

They walked with me for 40 minutes before turning around.

hikers and dog

I've never spent much time in the upper east part of lower Michigan. It has a very desolate feel to it, very much like the UP.

spruce and hills

dead tree

The trail joins the Shore to Shore horse trail for a couple of miles. The good news is that you won't lose the treadway, but it's not great walking for humans. I wasn't sorry when they parted ways.

trail signs

Quite a few rolling hills today. I loved the pattern in this fallen log.

patterns in wood

And some pileated woodpecker was feeling very linear when it did this.

tree with woodpecker holes

Love the name of this road, and it also meant I was getting close to the end for the day.

Linger Longer Road

Crossed the AuSable River, another milestone.

AuSable River

Total miles today 13- both miles walked and miles that count. Total miles this trip 88.5.

Gotta scoot. I'm parked at a road corner where I have cell service to post this. Need to get back to campsite before dark.

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Ann said...

Love the name of that road. So did you linger longer?...lol That tree is pretty amazing that the woodpecker has been working on.

CandZ said...

Great meeting you and happy to help. Thanks for a fabulous start to our day

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