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Friday, September 21, 2018

Day Six - Midland to Mackinac

Finally some forward progress!

Just in case you are wondering, it's really nice when there is something as simple as some log puncheon across a wet area.

log puncheon

Apparently there was a big storm during the night. Trees came down. Lots of wind. (I slept like a log) But I started with being able to keep my feet dry for a long time. I was actually feeling a lot more cheerful than this tree would indicate. Who knows what these blazes mean? (nothing, the answer is nothing. Somebody was just trying to be funny).

funny trail markers

The trail passed right beside this pretty little wetland. I thought I was going to get past it dry, but managed to dip one foot.


It was a gorgeous day. The temperature dropped, there was a stiff breeze (sometimes real wind) that blew the storm clouds away and kept the mosquitoes down.

blue sky and clouds

This picture didn't focus (darn), but I loved this little purple leaf.

purple leaf

The botanical find of the day was this wild orchid. It's one of the Spiranthes, maybe Hooded Ladies Tresses. S. romanzoffiana. Need my books to be certain.

ladies tresses

However, apparently no day is complete without an adventure. The blazes ended in a logged area, and I couldn't find anyplace they came out of it, so... more bushwhacking to the road. But it was pretty easy- no berry bushes or thick aspen.

After lunch, I passed by two lakes with lots of cottages, and followed 2-track for quite a while. Then back into a wet area. I just thought this was funny. The trail? Goes out just right of center on some very old plank puncheon that was enough to keep my feet out of the water.

oil barrel on post

The afternoon was mixed bag. I never lost the trail, but a lot of it was pretty difficult going with having to climb over any number of down trees and hunting for blazes, but I did always find them.

The day ended with a 3-mile road walk. Honestly, after a number of tough trail miles, roadwalk just isn't so bad. This view of the Tittabawassee River from Greenwood Road is pretty.

Tittabawassee River

Connie and Jerry were waiting for me in the car a bit ahead. Between the time I walked to the road indicated by the turn sign, and a mile up that, and we came back in the car, this tree fell on the road! Glad it didn't come down on me. I told you it was windy.

tree in road

We got back to the house and almost immediately, the power went out! So we went out to dinner. Pizza was really scrumptious!

eating pizza

Now we have returned to the house, and still no power. But we are all campers and country folk. We have a combo of kerosene lights and LED camping lights. My computer has a pretty good battery, so I could post this.

Total forward progress today: 11 miles! Horray! Total is now at 45.5 - approaching a quarter of the trail. And I can slack pack one more day because Connie and Jerry can't go away until the power is restored, which isn't going to be instantly, Consumer's says.

Honestly, I don't know if I can climb over this many obstructions all day long in the big pack. It's really difficult. So I will take all the slack packing days I can get. Just call me wimpy if you must. Otherwise, recall that I have very short legs and am not 25 any more.

Still having a blast!

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1 comment:

Ann said...

Yeah, you finally had a good day of hiking. Even the power going out wasn't so bad since it resulted in getting pizza. Hope the rest of the hike is easy going

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