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Friday, September 14, 2018

True Blue Gumby II and Gear Ready

Ta-da! Here is True Blue Gumby II.

nylon rain suit
This was after I did that really tricky taped seam.

nylon rain suit

This is the pocket assembly.

nylon rain suit

Best of all, this is Gumby I in its bags and Gumby II in its bags. Old Gumby weighed 14.9 ounces. Not bad. New Gumby weighs 8.9 ounces! Even better.

nylon rain suit

Now to get the pack packed. Here is all my gear, except the sleeping bag which is already packed, and the food. Wanted to get this posted. Have to get it all put together and weighed. That's the scary part. Remember this is for 8 days without resupply (then 9 days after that).

hiking gear

Edit later: Total with food and water is 39 pounds. I was hoping for 38, so I'm close. After I eat one day's food that's where it will be, and then will go down by a little over a pound a day until re-supply.

There is no other news except a few errands. 100% day of hike prep.

See Packing for Fife Lake hike
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Ann said...

Good job on the gumby suit. You got close on the weight for your pack.

Lin said...

I am soooo impressed with your suit! You are very talented!