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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Common Critters that Make Me Smile

Just enjoy a couple of critters today. I've been busy.

A lovely male cardinal- always cheerful


And I'm s total sucker for pictures of little bunny rabbits.

cottontail rabbit

In other news: I worked on North Country Quest all morning, worked on the writer's event all afternoon, had writer's group tonight and then went grocery shopping on my way home.

See Bread and a Bunny
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Ann said...

Both are welcome sights. Cardinals are one of my favorites. Last night there was a rabbit sitting about 6 feet away from the front of my house. It was right in front of the open living room window that Gibbs was standing in front of barking like crazy. The rabbit totally ignored him and just sat eating grass..

Lin said...

You know that I like all the birds and animals too. Lately, we have a catbird who has taken up residence here. Loud as all get out! Worse than jays. Initially I was very excited by this new bird...but the darn thing never shuts up!

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Birds and bunnies make us smile, too! Right, Chaplin?"
Chaplin: "Sure, if by 'smile' you mean stare and chatter a little ..."

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