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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Lansing Street Art

These are just some nifty colorful pictures from downtown Lansing. The first one is taken from inside the Lansing Center, a window at the end of the main concourse.

colored glass window in Lansing Center

The rest of these were taken from the Skywalk.

This is a decorated column at the corner of the parking garage where it meets the Skywalk.

street art in Lansing

These windows are in the Anderson Office Building for the Michigan House of Representatives. Yes, you can see sky below the section of the building with the pretty windows. It spans Ottawa Street.

colored glass window in Anderson Office Building, Lansing

The final bit of art is quite transient. But I like it as much as the others. It is reflections in the black glass of another panel of windows in the Lansing Center.

black glass window in Lansing Center

I am safely back at Chuck and Sylvia's for tonight. We watched a movie and laughed a lot. Maybe tomorrow I'll have a brain again. I made a profit at the event, but not much for three full days of work.

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Ann said...

That window is really pretty. The design of the building that spans the street is quite fasacinating.
Glad to hear that you made a profit at the event. It's disappointing when you don't make a lot but better than losing.

Lin said...

Cool sights around town.

Nice that you made a profit AND you had a fun place to stay!

Secondary Roads said...

That was a fun movie and Monday morning the fun continued. It so great to see you again.

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