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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Hanne's Birthday Party

Today was non-stop. All good, but way too full to suit me. Nevertheless, the best part was friend Hanne's birthday party. She invited a bunch of friends to Humani-Tea in Ludington. Lots of chatting and wonderful treats. She had the tea of the month... some special thing that starts out blue, and then when you add lemon juice it changes to purple.

Birthday friend

We joked that it was magical and would change her back to age 14. But then we all agreed that NO ONE wants to go back to being 14.

Birthday friends

In other news: Oil change, errands (they never end), bell choir and writers' group. Now I need to try to wind down so I can hopefully sleep tonight.

Oh yeah, and I wrote chapter 1 of The Lonely Donkey this morning. Here we go with the next book!

See Hanne's connection to me

1 comment:

Ann said...

Hmm, a magical cup of tea that takes off years? I'll take a cup but I don't want to take off that many years so just a small cup. :)

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