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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Art, All Day

I was determined to finish re-doing the illustrations for The Secret Cellar today. Well, I made my goal, but so much for working steadily on any of the other projects. Drawing is all I did. Takes a lot of concentration. They are mixed media with pen, marker, and pencil. I've put a set of gray-tone art markers on my wish list. I really only have 3 shades of gray available in markers. I'll buy it soon, but right now money is just flying out the door, what with paying to print North Country Quest, property taxes, sales tax, several membership fees due, and signing up for future sales venues.

All four of the drawings are on the Joan of Shark blog.

I'll show you the one that was most tedious. I made a major change to this one by adding one of the kids. Little Ruby has gotten tired of hunting through the cellar and she sits down in a corner to rest.

I also had to do a line drawing for the Books Leaving Footprints Newsletter because I'm including a coloring page. That will be sent out in the next couple of days. So, I did 2 1/2 drawings today. I'm not speedy, so that's a lot for me. The only other thing I accomplished was laundry.

See one of the illustrations for The Bigg Boss
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1 comment:

Ann said...

Wonderful drawings. I went to see the others. You did a great job on these. I could spend all week drawing and they wouldn't look anything like these.

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